Class actions are traditionally a common law strategy that allow victims in civil actions to group themselves against their opponent. Even though collective claims not always remain plausible, group actions can be beneficial for those seeking relief in a pre-liquidation stage. Legal Floris LLC aims to maximize the recovery potential for creditors duped by bank failure and investment fraud. The main strategy to achieve this objective is by grouping similar creditors to settle the dispute.

Since 2015, Legal Floris LLC offers fund recovery services for creditors duped by bank failure and investment fraud. Not all losses our clients experience are the result of deliberate actions. Yet, where financial institutions fail, creditors risk losing their deposit or investment. Therefore, a holistic and sophisticated recovery strategy gets customers closest to full reimbursement.

Legal Floris LLC already provided recovery services to hundreds of creditors victimized by the failure of their financial institution. This number keeps growing due to the efficiency and affordability of the services provided. Depending on the amount to be recovered, and the availability of deposit protection and investor compensation schemes, a large number of our customers have been fully compensated.

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