Class Action Claim is an initiative of Legal Floris LLC, a boutique firm specialized in fund recovery for victims duped by bank failures and investment fraud. To ensure maximum recovery for our clients, different strategies are combined to achieve the best results. Collective action is one of such strategies.

Although common law jurisdictions allow for the class action and especially the US courts show willingness to bring group efforts to court, the civil law jurisdictions take group efforts more and more seriously. Although a collective action in the European courts not always result in direct rewards and indemnification, the judge can command parties to settle the dispute in a friendly manner.

Legal Floris LLC groups victims of bank failures and investment fraud and combines civil action with criminal proceedings to allow public action against fraudsters and other criminals, alongside traditional corporate liquidation. By combing civil with criminal actions, our customers benefit from both actions and therewith can improve their recovery outcomes.

Our approach is tailored towards the needs of large groups of creditors. These creditors have the same objective of seeing most of their money returned. Traditional liquidation often leaves a gap between the deposit or investment and the available assets for reimbursement. This means that without additional action, the faith and financial reposal of these customers lies in the hands of lengthy and opaque liquidation procedures.

The objective and structure of our work invites for a number of tailored actions aimed to maximize recovery. A group action is one of these strategies, alongside the more traditional options that are available. Still, we need to prove the legitimacy of our clients and therefore, we only work for a selective group of victims and cannot accept everyone as a client.